DREAM: Watching You Watching Me

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I seem to have continued this bizarre theme from LAST TUESDAY

I dreamt that I had my laptop in my bed with me and had fallen asleep with it on my nightstand.  I had been using SEESMIC earlier and involved in various video conversations, so I had left the site up and the laptop had gone into its “sleep mode.”

Suddenly the laptop burned back into life and lit up the room.  Because the room was so dark, I couldn’t see beyond the array of light from the screen. Seesmic was still up in the browser and a new video had refreshed in to a conversation I had been in earlier and it started playing… one of my Seesmic friends was laughing and saying, “Okayyy, Troy, what was THAT about?” and from my half-sleep I thought, I don’t know, what is she talking about. Then another video refreshed into the conversation and another Seesmic friend said, “Uhh, Troy, did you leave your camcorder running? Ha ha…”

So now I sat up a bit and pulled the laptop to me to see what they were talking about…  In the video thread of conversations I saw that there were two videos posted by me in the past 10 minutes, but I had been asleep!  I played the first one back:  it was just a 2 or 3 minute video of my empty chair at my office desk.  I thought, wow, DID I somehow leave the cam running? But then, how did it post?

I played the next video: Now the camera dismounted and it wobbled to show movement.  Still no one in the video, but the view was the camera being carried away from my desk and toward my bedroom door.  That’s when I became slighly paralyzed with confusion and panic, but before I could really consider what I was seeing, another video refreshed into the timeline on Seesmic and it was another post from “me!” I clicked to play it: this time, I was IN the video… sitting in my bed, lit only by the light from my laptop screen. 

I cannot express to you the terror that coursed through me as I realized what I was seeing! I looked up from the laptop and toward my bedroom doorway… my eyes had to adjust, but as I strained through my panic to see what was there, I finally made out… a blinking red light from my camcorder, being held there, recording me… and I could only barely make out the silhouette of someone just standing there… holding it. 

Before I could react, the video timeline refreshed and several videos began playing, each person saying, Oh My GOD Troy, GET OUT OF THERE!  GET OUT OF THERE!!  I had no idea where to go, how to run, or what to do…

And I woke up.


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