I’m In Chicago

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Thanks to my friend, Ann, I am in Chicago right now for a sort of vacation. Ann and I have become friends over the years through my work in channeling and The Michael Teachings, and we have a blast. Lots and LOTS of talking, talking, talking… pondering, philosophizing, laughing. It’s a shame she doesn’t live in New York City with me, Cyprus, and Nick because what a gang we would make!

I will be making a short jaunt down through Peru, IN to spend a night or two with my parents, and then back to Chicago for my flight home. I hope it is possible because as of today the weather is in Winter Storm Warning mode and after 8pm Chicago is supposed to get between 6″ and 8″ over the course of a day or two! Whoosh! I might actually get to experience a real Winter before the season is out! YAY! (locals are not as enthused, of course).chicagoslush

My first night here was met with a treat to the local OPERA restaurant where I had Shitake Mushroom Wontons filled with Asparagus Salad, Truffle Oil, and Sesame Vinaigrette, along with Seasonal Vegetable Mooshu with incredible, spicy plum dip.opera1

I got some beautiful, BEAUTIFUL footage through the window of my flight to Chicago and I will post that asap.

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