Vlog: Wish U Were Here

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I fly more often than I prefer to fly, but there is a kind of terrifying delight in doing it, much like going on a roller coaster. You know something horrible could go wrong, but you do it anyway, and with flying, it’s for practical reasons, too, not just for fun.

And when I fly, I have to have a window seat. I have to be able to look out and see what’s happening, where we are… it’s some kind of pseudo sense of control. But I also like the window seat because of the amazing experience of watching the world move by from so far above it.

I know there are people who take flying for granted, but every time I fly, I am in awe that this hunk of metal and all of these people can move from the ground into the sky and through the clouds for hours at a time and then back down to the ground, safely (most of the time).

So with my new Kodak zi6 in hand, a gift from @Aquarianick, I caught footage of what I see when I fly.

Wish you were there…

CocteauBoy VLOG: Wish U Were Here from CocteauBoy on Vimeo.

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  1. oh gosh, I need to have the isle seat! .. the window seat’s just too creepy .. when on a plane, I don’t want to know I’m in a plane .. so vodka and loads of xanax! .. :-)

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