Introducing: TruthLoveEnergyTV

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The new series for tleTV has begun!

This series is not directed specifically toward advanced students of The Michael Teachings, but toward new students, and for those who wish they had an easy way to introduce family and friends to the concepts. There will be advanced concepts discussed as the series library builds, but for now, please consider this as a gentle and easy bridge for newcomers and seekers.

You can also follow this series on YouTube and Vimeo!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing: TruthLoveEnergyTV”

  1. “People with greater paranormal beliefs showed lower levels of executive function. Particularly, they had less impulse control and greater disorganization, independent of age, sex, or level of education. In contrast, people with greater moral attitudes showed greater executive functioning in all areas measured (motivation, impulse control, empathy, planning, and organization). These findings support studies suggesting that superstitious thinking involves some degree of dysfunction in the prefrontal cortex, even in the general population, while moral attitudes involve better prefrontal functioning. […] People with religious beliefs showed a minute increase in both empathy and impulse control, characteristics encouraged by most orthodox religions.”
    M. Spinella and O. Wain, Skeptical Inquirer.

    1. Now this is hilarious.

      At first I would have agreed with some of it, because it makes sense to me that people with a broader, open-minded, more exploratory perception of life would be more creative, less in need of being so organized, and generally inquisitive about the nature of the universe, which this article describes as “less impulse control and greater disorganization.” Then the articled goes on to attribute those qualities to those of “lesser moral attitudes,” equating “motivation, impulse control, empathy, planning, and organization” to “greater moral attitudes.” The bias is clearly there in this interpretation, which is one of the reasons those of Skeptical Inquirer aren’t taken seriously anymore; it’s become its own blind religion, but rather than recruit people through intelligent observations, they simply denigrate anything hinting at a challenge to their assumptions about reality.

      I wanted to take this seriously, but this is yet another silly attempt to turn everything into Black vs White, instead of exploring the amazing vastness of the colors in between.

      Thanks for stopping by, though, to share your opinion.

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