VLOG: The Choice for Love

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Hey gang!

This week I worked really hard to rise above my experience of frustration, pain, and sadness involving friends I feel were being… well, less than friends. I got to a point where I almost quit, gave up, and walked away from all of it, but there was a moment when I realized I had a choice. So I experimented… and chose Love over Fear (protection), and I’m happy I did.

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  1. Great vlog entry, sir! Very thought-provoking and powerful. This is one of those big life lessons that many people never “get.” Think of how different this world would be if they realized all of this.

    Thanks for the entry! :)

  2. Nice message. It is choosing love, and I believe it’s also practicing humility. Realizing that when someone disappoints us, it’s not necessarily something done TO us or AGAINST us, and if we take pride (fear) out of the equation, we may see that the situation is different than we the way we thought it was. Through that process we can open up our minds to differnt possibilities, find acceptance or tolerance for people, places, situations or things, and ultimately find peace. Enjoyed the message

    1. It’s nice to read your words describing all of this back. I hope more people will understand it as well as you do, and I hope I continue to choose this way as often as I can!

  3. Such a great message to stumble upon! “What if people did that for me?” Too choose to be so lovingly, too chose Love when it’s almost impossible to do so, not waiting for another person to come around and show you that kind of love first, but to instead choose to be the First one yourself… This is exactly what I am working on these days. To let go of my disappointment and hurt and embarrassment, or at least so much that love can coexsist with it. Could I be so brave, so crazy too love this person anyway, nay just because of this, this painful lesson I learned? (Even if he would think that I am even more bonkers than he already thinks?)

    1. You know, it’s pretty amazing how far-reaching the effects can be from such a profound choice. I’m so glad you stumbled upon this! Thanks for letting me know you are here. And hang in there… there’s no rush. I feel as if I chose Love only because I suddenly could, and I made the effort, but sometimes it’s important to dive right in to all the dark, ugly stuff, too. Love is there, waiting, for when we’re ready.

  4. I just love what you wrote about Love, waiting for when we’re ready!
    Many things you said in your latest vlog also reminded me of something I quite recently read, so I started to poke around in my bookshelf to find out, and I don’t know how familiar you are with the teachings of Orin (channeled by Sanaya Roman, I’m sure you know about her very well), but I think you talked about love very much in the same way, and it rings so true to me. But most of all I appreciate how you admit that these things aren’t easy just because you know of choosing Love, and that it can be a struggle sometimes even for someone like you and that that’s OK too. Thank you for that.

    1. OH! I’m very familiar with Orin and DaBen! I list them here as one of the primary influences on my personal philosophy! Though I haven’t enjoyed the last two books that kind of went in a direction of super duper new agey stuff. Their first several books, however, were so practical and immediately useful.

      1. Oh my, that was by far the best, most interesting, most informative 30 things about me list I have ever read :) And I so totally agree with your nr 25…

  5. Troy – Stumbled across your Vlogs and watched/listen to all of them. Some interesting stuff but I go about achieving goals similar to yours differently. I don’t CHOOSE a goal or desired emotion. I instead LOOSE all the stuff that gets in the way. For me, it’s more me.

    1. Oh hey, what a great way of describing the same process! In order to choose something in the way I did, I had to lose (let go of) stuff that was in the way. Two sides of the same coin, it seems! Very nice. Thanks for sharing that!


  6. Thank you my dear friend for helping me as I tightroped that scapel meself…..I am glad that Love, too won out over Fear. Big Love to your Big Heart…

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