VLOG: The Superstition Edition!

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

It’s Friday, the 13th! Do you have any superstitions? Wait til you hear my ridiculous ones. Like “Bread & Butter.” Do you know that one?

Also, do you remind anyone of any characters in any television shows? I tend to get compared to SitCom characters. But maybe that’s because I tend to see life as more of a comedy, than a tragedy, despite how dramatic my life can seem to be…

One thought on “VLOG: The Superstition Edition!”

  1. Hey sir. I never thought of you being like Cam or Phil from “Modern Family,” but I guess I could see some expression “stuff” from Cam, as well as some silly, playful behavior from Phil. :)

    I’ve been told I remind people of Fox Mulder from “X-Files” and Will from “Will & Grace.” I don’t see either. I think my life is a comedy, for the most part. It sometimes feels like a documentary…

    Love your little videos! OH! And the one superstition I have (at least, that I can think of right now) is that if you see a black crow outside your window (or if it slams into your window), someone you know will die soon! Scary!!


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