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Vegetarian/Vegan, Intuitive, Gay, Metaphysical Man-Boy with as much an interest in Studying the Nature of Reality as he has in Playing in It!


Reading time: < 1 minute God, I am struggling to get my ass back into the routine of work. I never thought I would become such a drone, and I don't know how long I can continue in such a state. I am an extremely adaptable person, but because of the way things are run and how people are treated at my job, it makes this one of the least appealing positions ever. It's so frustrating, because it would take only a slight change to make this one of the best jobs ever, but because the place is run by socially-crippled, ignorant fucks, it makes everyone involved lose all interest in team work and loyalty. UGGGHHH! Things are a-gonna haffta change....


Reading time: < 1 minute Well, here it is! The new home for my Personal Blog! I never could get used to using that damn MoveableType. Besides, using MoveableType meant using valuable space on my own server and Blogger graciously hosts us without question! I am about to launch my revamped web site and cannot wait to personalize/customize this Blogger template to match my little 7Paths world! So this is my testing, testing, one, two, three post! YAY!