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The Resurrection of MyTruthLoveEnergy

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I miss writing.

I mean, writing in my blog. I, actually, write every single day, but not personally, or about myself, my life, or my work. I even miss vlogging. I miss my music podcasting. I miss my talk radio show. Microblogging (facebook, twitter) is wonderful, but sometimes I crave for the depth and meaning that a quick status update, or rant about politics, or rave about a celebrity just doesn’t cut.

But I’m an idealist. I think I can manage all of these media of expression and nurture them, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to sustain all of them. So I started letting them dwindle, and maybe even die, killed by, or infected by microblogging.

I don’t know just yet what of my favorite media of expression can be revived, but I will start here. With MyTruthLoveEnergy. My decades old stomping ground of words. It feels like Home.

And I’m going to earn my place among my writer friends, and get my frackin’ books published! That’s the only resolution I’m making. It’s time.

What I’ve missed most is you, Dear Reader. I wonder if you are still alive. I hope so.

Happy 2013!


VLOG: The Superstition Edition!

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

It’s Friday, the 13th! Do you have any superstitions? Wait til you hear my ridiculous ones. Like “Bread & Butter.” Do you know that one?

Also, do you remind anyone of any characters in any television shows? I tend to get compared to SitCom characters. But maybe that’s because I tend to see life as more of a comedy, than a tragedy, despite how dramatic my life can seem to be…

VLOG: The Absolutely Edition

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Today I get repairs done to my sporadic Internet services, and an upgrade to 50mbps internet speeds! YAY!
And have you given up TV entirely, or at least, given up Cable TV to rely entirely on Streaming Internet?
Have you experienced the joys of French Press Coffee over a regular Coffee Maker?
And are you sick of the word “Absolutely” being used in every free breath of a talk show interview, and the mispronunciation of “Jewelry?”
Yes, I vent a little about it.

VLOG: The Choice for Love

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Hey gang!

This week I worked really hard to rise above my experience of frustration, pain, and sadness involving friends I feel were being… well, less than friends. I got to a point where I almost quit, gave up, and walked away from all of it, but there was a moment when I realized I had a choice. So I experimented… and chose Love over Fear (protection), and I’m happy I did.