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VLOG: 042109

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes


TOPICS: Using YouTube Quick Capture for the first time; Grey Gardens Premier; Twin Oaks Retreat; and a very poignant 2 Year Anniversary week

GREY GARDENS PREMIER party! If you skip around the video below, you can find some fun spots where we quote Big and Little Edie, and do our best to mimic their charming and disturbing ways. In my previous post, I pieced together most of the original documentary, so check that out, if you haven’t seen the original documentary!


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Vlog: Wish U Were Here

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I fly more often than I prefer to fly, but there is a kind of terrifying delight in doing it, much like going on a roller coaster. You know something horrible could go wrong, but you do it anyway, and with flying, it’s for practical reasons, too, not just for fun.

And when I fly, I have to have a window seat. I have to be able to look out and see what’s happening, where we are… it’s some kind of pseudo sense of control. But I also like the window seat because of the amazing experience of watching the world move by from so far above it.

I know there are people who take flying for granted, but every time I fly, I am in awe that this hunk of metal and all of these people can move from the ground into the sky and through the clouds for hours at a time and then back down to the ground, safely (most of the time).

So with my new Kodak zi6 in hand, a gift from @Aquarianick, I caught footage of what I see when I fly.

Wish you were there…

CocteauBoy VLOG: Wish U Were Here from CocteauBoy on Vimeo.