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My First WordPress Post!

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

With some amount of guilt for stepping away from Blogger (SugarHiccup~Hiccup) after 5 years of perfectly wonderful hosting and service, I am mixed with excitement and worry over installing and hosting my own blog using WordPress.  I had posted a quick poll to my Twitter friends asking if this was a good idea and the response was unanimous that I should dive into hosting my own blog using WordPress.

So… here it is.

I installed and played with many many themes and this is the one I thought was the lightest, most-colorful, easiest to manipulate, and happiest, while also being able to accommodate the various facets I wanted to funnel into a blog.

I LOVE the tabs that allow for me to share some of the work being done at TruthLoveEnergy and allows for more interactivity using TokBox for Vchatting and Vmail.  I encourage all of my readers to explore Seesmic and 12Seconds.TV  The time for video conversation and communication has definitely come.

I’m going to post a few additional things in here just to test the functionality and visuals, so please play with them and see if they play okay.

Oh, and PLEASE… please leave a comment, either using Disqus as your profile or post a video using the Seesmic feature you will find there!  Or Both!  Just please let me know you were here and what you think!


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