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The Resurrection of Inspiration

Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

I’ve been looking for a way to begin my 2010 entries, and I can’t think of a better way than to launch with this incredible, unseen footage of Flight 1549 that landed in our Hudson River last year. I remember how inspiring, and touched all of us were when this happened, especially in conjunction with Obama taking office. Everything at the beginning of last year just reeked of hope and anticipation and inspiration. All of that energy took me by surprise last year because, well, who could have anticipated the survival of every person aboard a crash-landing in an icy river off the banks of New York City, and although I was supportive of Obama by default, I was never one of his fanboys. But I had to admit to the impact of such excitement over the possibilities for America, the psychological possibilities for our evolution, and then this beautiful landing of 1549… it just sparked a great sense that things were just… “right.”

And then the nasty Right-Wing, Republican, Christian, Nasty Nutjobber Whackadoodles came out of the woodwork and spent the entire year doing everything they could to destroy all possibility and inspiration for anyone and everyone not in alignment with their vile sliver of ideals. Like a lanced wound leaking of pus from ages of neglect, they came forth from the festering Bush years and only from this slightest pin-prick injection of hope and inspiration that so many felt for all of us for the first time in a long time.

I know there are all kinds of things we could pick as the challenge against inspiration in 2009, and that there were also many personal events that happened over 2009 that contributed to our losing our footing with our inspiration, but I’m using the Nutjobs as the symbolic representation for all of that, because that’s what I found to be the biggest pain in the ass for the U.S., at least. You can pick whatever you want. But the point is… that’s how change happens. That’s how inspiration works. That’s exactly the path any true transformation takes once we’ve found our footing… SOMETHING comes along and challenges it.

It’s bound to happen because now we have a glaring contrast between the old and new. It’s not that it wasn’t there the whole time. It’s just… now it’s surfaced in a way that can’t be ignored.

So I think this footage below is one of the more important symbolic visuals for starting off 2010. It’s a reminder that our inspiration is still intact; that we can resurrect it, rescue it, pull it up and out of the icy depths of 2009 and give new life to it. Even if it means disassembling it and spreading it out.

I have more to say about the possibilities of 2010 for myself, and for all of us, but I’ll save that for another entry. For now, mesmerize yourself with the film below, and let it stand as a symbolic meditation on bringing your own inspiration back to the surface, back to solid ground, and at least give it the nurturing it might need to do what it can do.

Happy 2010, everyone… I’m back.