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Questioning The Validity of HIV & AIDS (continues)

Reading time: 6 – 10 minutes

WARNING: this is a deeply serious blog entry that explores a very sensitive subject for many people, and it poses questions and commentary that may go against everything you have taken for granted as being true about HIV and AIDS.

It is now the 21st Century and it has become a fairly common and unquestioned reality that HIV exists and AIDS is/was an epidemic that threatens everyone on a level few famous diseases ever have. Rather than rehashing the questions and controversies that continue to grow within the medical and scientific community, I urge you to read my original posts (here and here) that helps to delineate the shocking realities and questions about HIV/AIDS that most people do not even realize are in need of being explored. Please keep in mind that I wrote those articles before I was diagnosed, so my continued questioning is not out of some kind of denial, but out of a serious wish for solid answers… which have not been found, yet.

I’ve been questioning this “epidemic” for many years and have yet to find anyone to intelligently respond to the serious questions posed by the dissenters throughout the medical and scientific communities. I’ve watched this controversy unfold over the years to the point where HIV was actually on trial for the first time ever in an Australian suit against a man charged with murder for having sex with people knowing he was diagnosed as HIV Positive. The defense posed that in any other conviction of murder, a weapon had to be proven to have been used, asking the prosecution to find proof that HIV exists, and show evidence that it is, indeed, contagious. This trial raged for a while, but throughout the entire trial, no evidence was able to be presented to support HIV as being contagious or even existing, so the Judge threw the case out because he did not want to be associated with the questioning of the validity of HIV/AIDS. The fact that neither contagion nor HIV could be proven in a court of law is extraordinary! Any other known contagion or virus can easily show evidence of its properties and existence!

I had already been noticing the passionate investment in the reality of AIDS and HIV to the point of its being a topic that was off limits for questioning, but now that I am on the “inside,” having had my own diagnosis of AIDS in 2007 during my descent into Pneumonia and a coma, I have had a first-row seat in this terrifying show of zealotry. No doctor is willing to answer my questions. No doctor CAN answer my questions. And some are outright hostile and condescending in the face of my questions. Yet I shyly and desperately beg for one… just ONE doctor to have an intelligent conversation with me about the lack of science behind AIDS as an epidemic, and the lack of evidence that HIV exists as a contagion. I’ve never had to deal with so many doctors in my entire life and it has only become clear to me over these past couple of years that doctors are merely priests at the bottom of a pharmaceutical chain of command that acts as the unquestionable voice of God.

Medicine is truly the new religion. Blind Faith and Unquestioning receipt of treatment and drugs is expected of us, or the threat of death or humiliation is at hand. Believe me, I know.

Although I am supposed to have the choice as to whether to take HIV drug treatment, and I am supposed to have a right to educate myself about the consequences of such treatments, I have never felt such a lack of choice and such an imposition of fear in my entire life. I would sit and cry in desperation for a doctor to explain to me exactly what I was getting into and the response was callous and condescending, saying to me nothing more informative than, “if you want to live, you will take the drugs.” In fact, my doctor tossed a map of all of the HIV drugs in front of me and said, “which ones do you want?” I shook my head in shock and disbelief, saying back to her, “Asking me to choose and combine from this is like asking me which cliff I want to jump off of! I don’t want to jump off the cliff in the first place, yet you are asking me to choose from where to jump?” Begrudgingly, she picked out my “cocktail” for me and I have been taking them DAILY… for almost two years now. Because I am scared. Until someone will answer the questions posed by dissenters, I am left only with the solid push of fear that I have to take the drugs… or die. And no one can tell me that someone is not making money off of me. My monthly drug bill is over $2000. Monthly. That’s more than my New York City RENT!

So on top of all of the controversy that already plagued (pun intended) the HIV/AIDS Hypotheses (yes, “hypotheses,” as none of the claims have even reached the level of evidence to be called a Theory,) it has now come out that the original documents from Gallo, the American Virologist who claimed credit for discovering HIV and connecting it to AIDS, was in fact a fraudulent claim motivated by monetary gain and competition. Questions as to the motivation of those pushing the AIDS/HIV news came about shortly after the original announcement when it was discovered that the very same “virus” that was announced by Gallo as being the cause of AIDS had already been discovered by Luc Montagnier in France.

Fast-forward 25 years and we now have access to the original documents written by Popovic that were supposed to have been published in place of what ended up being published by Gallo! Gallo received the documents only 9 days before the planned announcement of the HIV/AIDS findings, which was planned even before the experiments that were even done!! These are extraordinary documents and clearly show the intention for fraud by Gallo and those seeking to begin the perpetuation of one of the most profitable diseases of all time.

For your convenience, here are the links to the original documents and the original article commenting on the discovery of these documents. I urge you to read them when you have a chance because this is some serious shit that could lead to a world without AIDS… because it never existed.

Before I share the interviews below, I’d like you to see this trailer for a new documentary that pulls everything together from my previous blog posts linked earlier, and goes straight to the source to explore these controversies:

The video below is an example of the reaction from those in the medical community in regards to the asking for evidence for HIV, AIDS, the tests, and the supposed number of lives being saved by the drugs.

I was so excited to see that this was an interview with the men responsible for the creation/discovery of HIV/AIDS and it was being conducted by someone who would ask the hard questions! All I want is for them to ANSWER. I don’t care who is right or wrong… I just want intelligent answers.

Instead, this is what you get…

Below is part of the interview with Peter Deusberg, one of the more notorious dissenters because he is world-renowned for his being the first to isolate the cancer gene through his work on retroviruses, continuing on to map the genetic sequences of those viruses. He is a Nobel-Prize winner and a Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and was hailed by Gallo as being the person who knows more about retroviruses than any other man alive. Of course, that moniker was thrown out when it didn’t suit Gallo’s claims that go against all scientific substance. When the full interview is up, I will post it.

Keep questioning… Always question.