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Grey Gardens Theater

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I hope I don’t offend Sara or anyone involved with the original documentary, and certainly hope I am not in violation of any copyrights, but for those of you who cannot get to the documentary GREY GARDENS, you can watch it in pieces below.

NOTE: as you watch the playlist, it might “time out” and show a “this video is no longer available.” Just refresh the page and find your way back to where you left off by using the on-screen video menu.

Keep in mind that this does NOT do justice to watching it as a complete film, so please… PLEASE look for it.

The beginning bits are missing, but most of it is here; enough to give you some background so you can then enjoy the depth of the HBO film coming up this weekend! Set your DVR’s and Tivo’s for HBO, Saturday April 18th. Check local listing for time.

The playlist below includes a very special interview and a return to the Grey Gardens home. Just click play, sit back and relax, and the playlist will move forward for you… Get ready for an amazing documentary that will stick with you for the rest of your life and grow within you like the vines on the side of the Grey Garden mansion.